Performance Fabrics

Alta­™ is developed and engineered to address the conditions in which we live. Traditional methods of textile protection do not account for the completely different challenges seen in hospitality environments versus residential environments.

Guests coming in and out, conferences, dining, meetings and more! The hospitality environment is complex but protecting your fabric doesn’t have to be. With Alta™ you can rest assured that the fabrics used in any application of the hospitality or residential environment will perform for years to come.


  • Easy cleanability
  • Superior repellency to water-based stains
  • Free of any solvents of VOCs
  • Water-based technology
  • Complies with EPA, CAL Prop 65 and REACH Standards

Our Alta Fabric Favs

Eloise 36 Euphoria
Vantage 55 Paloma
Fletcher 38 Heirloom
Charm 09 Aurora