Performance Fabrics

Nanotex, powered by Crypton, offers superior spill and stain resistance coupled with remarkable performance & durability. Nanotex uses nanotechnology to transform and permanently bond to the structure of the fibers, creating permanent performance without compromising the hand. The results are fabrics that offer remarkable performance and comfort – permanently. Now backed by Crypton’s strict quality and control assurances, Nanotex benefits from Crypton’s testing and technology expertise and enhanced performance.


  • Chemistry specific to each fabrics' fiber content to ensure lasting performance
  • High level of cleanability
  • Superior repellency to liquids and stains
  • Keeps fabrics looking newer for longer
  • Maintains the fabric's natural hand and breathability
  • No PFOA, PFOS, or PFCs
  • Greenguard Gold Certified

Nanotex Featured Patterns

Cozy 09 Aubergine
Topknot 25 Canvas
Parade 90 Zion
Pomp 62 Midas